exactly What communism methods to three main and eastern European ladies

Posted may 19, 2009

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Two decades because the autumn regarding the Berlin wall surface, exactly what does communism suggest to Cecilia, 22, from Bulgaria, Katharina, 20, from Slovakia and Anna, 28, through the Czech Republic?

Cecilia, 22, from Bulgaria relocated to Erlangen to analyze theater and news studies. Katharina, 20, from Slovakia wants a working task as being a diplomat after her studies to permit her to travel the world. Anna through the Czech Republic is, during the chronilogical age of 28, a lecturer during the University of Brno. These were created into the previous communist countries, and so are now young feamales in their m >women have actually made the absolute most for the possibilities made available from their country’s change to capitalism, European enlargement, and globalisation that is economic.

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