Does Iceland Spend $5,000 Every Month to Immigrants Whom Marry Icelandic Ladies?

November 21, 2019Russian Bride Cost


Because of a shortage of males, Iceland will probably pay $5,000 per thirty days to immigrants whom marry Icelandic ladies.

Can you count on Snopes reporting? Click the link to guide it.

Starting in belated June 2016, a wide range of unreliable the web sites in Africa and elsewhere published articles reporting that the Nordic nation of Iceland had been experiencing a shortage of males, and had hence provided a stipend of $5,000 each month to immigrants ready to marry Icelandic women.

The initial of those, as best we are able to inform, had been a web log called The Spirit Whispers, where somebody posted a hardly decipherable entry reading as follows:

breaking news about iceland nation amazing but real if you’re interested read the full story iceland group surely could achieve an unprecedented accomplishment into the European after sending England packing Iceland will desire to spring a much more dramatic shock using one of Europe’s footballing superpowers within the quarter finals because they accept hosts France.

As a result of this victory, Iceland became an accepted destination of globe attention and deliberated some news web web internet sites a wide range of amusing news associated with this while the amount of populace of this country and its own traditions and traditions

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