After the power carving had been completed, we changed angle grinder accessories up to a flap disk sander wheel.

they are low priced small discs which you can use to smooth out the surface that is rough the energy carving put aside.

The past little bit of sanding is performed by hand and therefore simply involves some elbow oil plus some grit sandpaper that is progressive. We began with 80 grit and cleaned within the flaws kept by the angle grinder. I quickly relocated up through the grits last but not least stopped when we reached 220.

Action: Cutting to Final Dimensions

With every thing sanded, we are able to now cut the banner to it is last proportions. The height and depth associated with the banner is actually currently at its last measurements so we only have to concern ourselves with all the width. First begin by with your tablesaw to cut down an extremely fine side on among the edges to flush things up.

Next, mark the width that is final 2′ 7 1/4″ and cut one other part.

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